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Environmental Policy

The HARTMANN Group is committed to conserving the environment and fulfils all requirements of the EU Environmental Management Auditing System.

Continuing to choose renewable resources

Approximately 90% of the raw materials used by the HARTMANN Group are renewable, about 70% cellulose and 20% cotton.

The greatest proportion of cellulose is obtained from the Southern Region of the USA, where types of rapidly growing wood are cultivated under controlled forestry conditions.

Minimising emissions

In recent years, HARTMANN has converted the boiler houses at many sites from oil to natural gas. The result has been a significant reduction in emissions of sulphur dioxide and dust, and a drop in specific carbon dioxide emission.

Using energy economically

Our aim is to use the most non-polluting forms of energy and to reduce specific energy consumption. Where possible, we use renewable sources of energy. At our plant in Achern (Germany), for example, hydropower covers 10% of energy requirements.

Manufacturing high quality products remains our prime objective. To this end we will continue to use optimum quantities of raw materials selected according to ecological criteria.


Sustainability brochure

Sustainability brochure

For further details please download the HARTMANN Sustainability brochure.

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